mdsMembrane™ Key Product Features:

Subscription Access:   Tiered subscription levels with hierarchical access credentials to the proxy server acting as an authentication gateway for customers.

Proxy ProtectionRestricted access to API only on a query basis.

Dynamic Querying:   Customer defined query based on available data fields represented in a comprehensive dashboard where the query request is sent to the mdsNucleus™ for execution in real-time.

Simple Interfaces:– Easy to use query interfaces that filter and construct the data acquisition model for the defined market segment.

Defined Aggregates:– Upon execution of query and further refinement of the data source to be acquired; anonymized values can be aggregated into segments defined by customer.

Data Privacy: – Automated data anonymization allows only hashed and encrypted values to be forwarded to the proxy server, restricting any unstructured data to enter the proxy gateway.