mdsAlmanac™ Key Service Features:

Data as a ServiceAll data within the mdsAlmanac™ is provided as a subscription based service with no hardware or integration cost for customers.

Source Data:  The data that resides within the mdsAlmanac™ originates from multiple data sources from partner Mobile Operators and content providers.

Data ParsingParsing is completed in two facets:  Categorizing and Custom.  Categorized data is parsed into static groups where similar datasets are aggregated based on similar characteristics and provided as packaged solutions.  Custom parsed data queries use similar algorithms as in the mdsNucleus™ platform that enable customers to filter and segment all the data sources collected and stored within the mdsAlmanac™.

AnalyticsAlthough focus is currently on the data acquisition, a future offering will provide analytical service on the data that is collected where various methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be applied to build dynamic user profiles that replicate subscriber behavior within a given context.