Market Challenge:  3rd parties aggregate and anonymize transaction data based on the 3rd party methodology, resulting in automatically biased data.

mds Solution:  mds does not attempt to analyze your data, you know your segment, you know your market.  mds enables the analysis by providing access to the relevant corresponding data required in order to use your own analytical tools to assess your own data.

Market Challenge:  With App based data collection and analytics, the Mobile Operator loses all control of the subscriber data being collected from the mobile device with limited or no revenue as a result.  

mds Solution:  mds utilizes the purest form of unstructured data residing within the mobile operator where the mobile operator has a full visibility of the data that is being collected.

Market Challenge:  3rd party installed apps are under the control of the 3rd party of which there is limited capabilities to determine privacy compliance.  These apps monitor other phone activity including network performance, service quality, and other competitive information that are sold to your competitors.

mds Solution:  Unstructured data always resides within the mobile operator where a proxy/server based architecture restricts the un-anonymized processing of the subscriber’s data as this data never leaves its native location and resides within the mobile operator’s secure facilities.

Market Challenge:  Data that is currently sold by mobile operators is historical and aggregated by the mobile operator based on their aggregation algorithms and their subscriber profiling mechanisms.

mds Solution:  Implementation of dynamic query capability enables data “selectiveness for effectiveness” which limits the amount of data provided to the customer by only providing the relevant queried data that will be aggregated and automatically anonymized.


Mobile Data Sciences provides the unique expertise required to enable Researchers, NGOs, Development Banks, MNOs and Commercial entities the ability to customize data source collection in real-time and provide anonymized structured data output based on the provided profile filter for further analysis.


MNO DNA:  Each staff member holds extensive experience (20+ years) of systems design and management consulting services to Mobile Operators globally.

Mobile Focus:  Concentrating only on the mobile environment and data sources within.


Partnerships:  Working closely with infrastructure vendors from all aspects of the mobile network, specifically the OSS/BSS and Radio Access layers.

Business Model:  With investments from industry veterans and participating donors, an aggressive business model can be implemented to generate instant top line profits for participating Mobile Operators.


Big Data:  With decades of data collection and analysis experience, we understand the true value of data.

Data Architects:  Enabling secure and private access to otherwise closed unstructured data sources.


Reach:  Collectively with our partners we have a global presence offering services across the world.

Customers:  Attractive business model for all parties has gained interest from an extensive customer portfolio ready to subscribe to the mds solutions for commercial and social good.


Data Scientists:  Ability to contextualize, predict and aggregate data without creating false positives or data bias.

Real-time Access:  Custom queries are conducted in real-time, always providing instant access to relevant data sources.


Privacy:  Our expertise in privacy spans back to implementation of subscriber privacy policy during the onset of the mobile internet where this foundation has been embedded into our mobile DNA.

Data Integrity:  Our solutions do not manipulate or misrepresent data, of which is common in data aggregation, as maintaining data integrity and anonymity is the foundation of success for our business.