mds Services Key Solution Offerings:

BrokerageCustomer requirements are gathered for the acquisition of the data and provides the best data sources available in order to meet the set requirements. The data brokerage service compiles various data sources, including mobile data transactions, OTT data, wholesaler transactions, etc. as well as data from non mobile sources i.e. analyst forecasts, travel statistics, traffic patterns, etc. which are then all imported into a data lake called the mdsAlmanac.™

Categorized Reporting:  Based on the collection of data residing in the mdsAlmanac™ mds will pre-defined/select categories for analysis and provide whitepapers, seminars or viewpoints on the data topic of interest.   A categorized library of reports is then created that will evolve and refresh regularly to provide customers additional insight.

Customized ReportingGeneral reports are created via a user query of catalogued data where the query mechanism matches keywords with datasets available and provides a list of potential data sources/fields that would be relevant.

Advisory ServicesThe primary goal of mds’ Advisory Services is to empower the customer in understanding the intelligence that is collected within the data as the customer will be performing the overall data analytics and compiling the indicators and market segmentation.  It is essential that the customer has the knowledge, understanding and the toolsets required to make the data analysis meaningful.  Throughout the duration of the engagement cycle, solution experts are available to assist with the data analysis and provide expert opinion on the resulting meaning.