Our mission is to enable access to mobile data transactions to 3rd parties, whether it be for commercial or public use, for profit or for social development providing access to data is the critical path to successful programs. Our business model entices mobile operators to participate and provide access to the transactional data.

Mobile Data Sciences is a privately funded company formed in 2016 with the primary office located in Kendall Square in the heart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts

The DNA of mds consists of seasoned management consultants, data scientists, telecom and big data executives each with over 20 years of industry experience and all having previously worked with Mobile Operators, Systems Integrators, BSS/OSS providers, Software Development, Big Data and Data Security firms.

To empower customers with relevant, unbiased mobile subscriber data metrics that is understood universally by marketing analysts

The mobile phone has become the center point of communication and daily life which is constantly producing data that helps identify a subscriber segment.  Enabling the transformation of this data and converting it to revenue generating assets for mobile operators is the primary focus of Mobile Data Sciences

Using data sciences to apply customer defined algorithms to dynamically identify, extract, aggregate, and anonymize subscriber information, providing an unbiased view into mobile transactions maintaining the highest level of subscriber privacy

Focus on providing customer defined and programmable algorithms that provide unbiased, filtered access to the transaction data.  MDS provides the tools required for customers to perform an unbiased analysis themselves as they understand the market segment the best.


Mobile Data Sciences is a rapidly growing company with various career opportunities currently open.  mds is actively seeking entrepreneur spirited data scientists, database engineers, data miners and global sales representatives with a mobile operator background (BSS/OSS preferred).  mds is constantly seeking experienced mathematicians that love to develop algorithms that bring equations to life.

Located within the MIT campus, Mobile Data Sciences is located in the heart of the technology development corridor providing endless opportunities for knowledge development and personal engagement. 

Interested in joining the mds team, send us an introduction along with your CV for our review to