mdsNucleus™ Key Product Features:

Architecture:  Using technology to enable privacy as a core value of mobile data collection, an architecture that provides an automated anonymization mechanism built to ensure data privacy.  The core solution is deigned utilizing multiple authorization layers leveraging a proxy-server architecture where the Intelligent Gateway resides within the Mobile Operator’s presence.

MNO APIRestricts access to other segments of the Intelligent Gateway by controlling the ingress and regress of data query streams to/from the Proxy Server.

IntegrityEnsures privacy and security of data while providing real-time access to unstructured data where all data processing is conducted within operator’s domain.

CollectionExtrapolation of data is based on user defined queries which leverage proprietary algorithms to obtain the highest level of correlation to the queried inputs.

Relevancy:  Only relevant data pertaining to the data query are processed and anonymized rather than an entire bulk data stream, providing an additional layer of subscriber privacy and protection as only segmented information is accessed and limits information released to the customer.

Export:  Any data exported to the Proxy Server will be hashed and encrypted as anonymized data as the proxy server will not have any access to unstructured data.

Performance:  Low latency response time to key queries enabling 3rd party applications or portals with the ability to query data in real-time.

IntegrationLimited integration required as the platform acts as a collection agent from existing APIs and data sources (CDRs, Signaling, Billing, SDM, etc.)

Anonymization:  Provides mechanism for automatic anonymization without jeopardizing data authenticity or subscriber privacy.

AuditValidates data query received by the Intelligent Gateway and assures that each query transaction is de-identified and anonymized prior to exiting the MNO API on to the mdsMembrane.™